Bacterial Activity Reaction Testers - BARTS

Geo & Hydro use and distribute the Bacterial Activity Reaction Testers supplied by Droycon Bioconcepts International, supplying the Australian and nearby markets from stocks held in Perth. 

These are sterile-packed specific media cultures for a range of geological bacteria that can present problems in water supply, or offer strategic opportunities in contamination clean-up.

Our prompt supply approach makes BARTs available within a few days of orders.  We mostly hold the Lab BART locally but can supply orders for the Field BART from DBI stock within a month.  Individual lab tests are nominally around AU$10-11 each in minimum order sizes.  

Note that the following range includes areas of microbial metabolism not yet reported as available from DBI, as their website does not keep up with their enthusiastic innovation!  

Contact us for discussion or a quote if you need to test for: