Bacterial Activity Reaction Testers - BARTS

Geo & Hydro use and distribute the Bacterial Activity Reaction Testers supplied by Droycon Bioconcepts International, supplying the Australian and SE Asian markets from stocks held in Perth WA.

These are sterile-packed specific media cultures for a range of geological bacteria that can present problems in water supply, or offer strategic opportunities in contamination clean-up. The BARTs provide accessible cultures, for lab culturing - for further analysis to beyond competent families of these organisms. New BARTs are arriving all the time and adaptions of systems to other organisms using additives remains a consulting area. Note that DBI do not keep their website coverage of all their product lines complete!

Contact us for a quote if you need to test for:

If you have arrived here looking for other BART lines, for example Legionella or Coliform bacteria, please contact us: these lines are no longer placed in prepared stocks.

Note that the SOB culture vial is a new style (BART2 - see below, the yellow BART in front shows the positive presence of SOB) and we only have limited stock for trial purposes currently.

Culturing BART vials release readily detectable gases that can be measured and compared to consider effects on the potable quality of water, or corrosion of engineering infrastructure in contact with the bacteria's environment.  We maintain, lease and supply a stock of gas monitors with sensors for gases such as hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, methane, hydrogen, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and VOCs.   Knowing these gases when logged from natural waters in headspace analyses and when collecting samples for BART investigation greatly improves interpretation of their corrosive actions.  We also encourage wide investigation of the preferred conditions bacteria develop for themselves when they culture and bloom in the BARTs.