Our Products

Monitoring Bores

Monitoring Bores are becoming a regular requirement for many types of operations. GEO & HYDRO Environmental Management both installs monitoring bores and brokers the contracting of dedicated drilling services to install specialist bores. Bore logging to describe profiles and permanently record the construction of the bore to maximize the value of the investigation is carried out.

Flumes - Surface Flow

Surface flow is measured by portable flumes. Geo & Hydro both rents flumes (as shown) to operators and organizes construction and calibration of flumes for operators with longer term needs for such devices.

Aquifer Investigation

Technical description of the storage and water conducting properties of aquifers and their water quality is carried out by trial pumping. This may be carried out in proving a water supply and establishing the optimum pump size and construction. GEO & HYDRO Environmental Management operates a range of pumps of varying capacity and water depth logging equipment, to carry out such projects. GEO & HYDRO Environmental Management backs up its field investigations with a range of groundwater-modeling packages.